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West Walls in an ongoing project developed by Physical Lab in collaboration with Vivid Street Theatre. The piece delves deep into the subconscious mind and questions the overlap between the Dream World and reality.

The first iteration of this project was performed in November 2019 as site-specific production that transformed ten locations of the old town of Chania, Crete into a surrealist pathway of the subconscious mind.



(in alphabetical order)


Sophie Aujesky, Leurant Deshayes, Josef Ellers, Fanny Georgakaki, Yorgos Karamalegos, Varbara Larmou, Athina Mathioudaki, Judith von Orelli, Anna-Maria Patsouraki


Producer: Archontissa Kokotsaki & YouCA

Directed and conceived by: Yorgos Karamalegos

Dramaturgical Input: Archontissa Kokotsaki
Assistants: Leurant Deshayes, Stella Karakatsani

Costume/Set design: Yorgos Kokolakis, Mikela Papadoulaki
Lighting design: Yorgos Bobolakis

Assistant: Spyros Karakostas

Music by: Yannis Fournarakis (Unified Method)
Assistant: Nikos Rouvalis.

Projections: Vasiliki Rouvali

Photography: Edward Pike

Filming: Yorgos Pantazis and Haris Doukakis

Video editing: Anna Kehagia

Financially Supported by the Region of Crete

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