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Yorgos has has just finished filming for the new feature of the critically acclaimed director Padelis Voulgaris, 'The last note' (Το τελευταἰο σημεἰωμα).

The script is based on a true story and Yorgos is portraying a Cretan communist who dies for the revolution.

The shooting took place in Crete and the film will be out in the cinemas late October 2017. 

Yorgos has just directed 'Heroines'. A project led by Katie Stephen - a regular actor and general manager of his laboratory. The outcome of the work was presented on the 26th, 27th & 28th of May at Hidden Door Festival in Edinburgh. 

Yorgos will spend five months in the USA this autumn for artistic development and research in acting training. 

He will be teaching acting regularly at Universities and deliver two Physical Labs in NYC. 

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